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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding   | Very Important Pets - Adamsville, TN

The thought of leaving your dog or cat with strangers makes you anxious.

We understand that feeling; we are pet guardians ourselves. At Very Important Pets in Adamsville, TN, it is our goal to ensure that your pet is just as happy with us as he would be at home. Here are just a few advantages of using our pet boarding services:

Safety—When you board your pet with Very Important Pets, you know that he is safe while you are away. You don’t have to worry about him sneaking out of the front door or the pet sitter forgetting to close the gate.

Schedule—If your pet is on a specific schedule, we will follow it as closely as possible. This can be important, especially for growing puppies and kittens that need to eat multiple times throughout the day.

Potty Time—You never have to worry that your dog is sitting in the house unable to get outside. You don’t have to think about your cat’s litter box being full. Your pets will get ample opportunity to relieve themselves.

Cuddles—When you leave your pets home and hire someone to come take care of them, do you know if that person is spending quality time with your furry friends? When you use our pet boarding services, you know that your pets are getting the love they deserve.

Special Diets/Medication—We are able to provide special diets and medication for your pets. Just bring what your pet needs with him, and we will handle the rest.

We absolutely love pets! Furry, scaly, or feathered, our staff members have “kids” of their own. We know that you are anxious about leaving your pets with just anyone. That is why we strive to provide service that is above and beyond expectations. Give us a call today to schedule a tour of our pet boarding facility; we know you will like what you see!

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