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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming   | Very Important Pets - Adamsville, TN

Your dogs and cats may not be show winners, but that doesn’t meant they can’t look like they are!

Having your pets groomed not only makes them look fantastic, but it makes them feel fantastic. There are several benefits of our pet grooming services here in Adamsville, Tennessee. Here is what Very Important Pets’ groomers can do for your dog or cat:

Bathing—No one wants a pet that smells anything less than fresh. Our groomers can give your dog or cat a fabulous, relaxing bath to bring his or her coat back to life. When we follow shampooing with conditioning, your pet’s coat feels luxurious.

De-Matting—Do you have a pet with medium to long hair? If you do, you know how quickly this fur can develop mats. When left uncut, mats can become uncomfortable and even painful for your pet.

Pawdicure—It’s not unusual for pet owners to be nervous about cutting their dogs’ and cats’ toenails. Our expert groomers can give your pet a fantastic pawdicure.

Comb Outs—Maybe your pet doesn’t need a bath, and perhaps you like your pet with long hair. Our pet grooming department has the tools necessary to give your pet a wonderful comb out!

Grooming—Don’t let your dog look unkempt. Don’t let your Persian sweat it out this summer. Our friendly groomers can give your dog or cat a haircut that will make your pet the envy of his friends.

We love dogs and cats as much as you do. We know that you want your pet to look his or her best. We also know that you are busy! Let us make your pet beautiful for you. Give us a call today to set up a pet grooming appointment!

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