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Pet Training

Pet Training   | Very Important Pets - Adamsville, TN

Does your dog have manners? Is your cat smarter than the average feline?

Whether you need to socialize your puppy or teach your cat a few tricks, our pet training department is here for you. At Very Important Pets, we have hired some of the best trainers in Adamsville, Tennessee.

In our pet training programs, we will teach you how to teach your pet. Here are just a few of the lessons you will learn:

Puppy Manners—You can’t hope to have a great dog if you don’t have a great puppy. We’ll teach you all about puppy manners in a pleasant, non-threatening environment. Not only will your puppy learn how to behave properly, but he’ll make great friends!

Obedience—Obedience is what you think of when you think about pet training. We’ll teach you how to teach your dog to sit, stay, lie down, come when called, and walk nicely on a leash.

Behaviors—Maybe your dog is urinating in the house. Perhaps your puppy is jumping on your guests. Is your cat clawing up your furniture? We can help you rid your pet of these unwanted behaviors using positive methods.

It’s up to you to raise your pet the right way. It’s up to us to teach you how to do that! Our pet training department has amazing staff who love your pets as much as you do. You can trust that our classes are conducted in a positive, healthy way. Call us for more information!

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